Dancers Yuko Monden, Kiplinn Sagmiller, and David James Silpa. Photo by Robbie Sweeny     What Do I Remember   World premier at Z Below, 470 Florida St, San Francisco, CA Thu-Sat, Aug 25-28, 2016   The Brain changes itself all the time. This process underlies our ability to learn and adapt. But sometimes it makes us feel disconnected between our perception and the reality. It takes time to realize that what you remember does not exist anymore.  What Do I Remember  is a dance theatre work that explores stories of loss and how they resonate with our current existence, how our brain change in the process of healing.  Conceived and directed by Wei-Shan Lai in collaboration with Dr. Yu-Wei Wu, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, media designer Olivia Ting, scenic designer Chih-Wei G.V. Chang, lighting designer Heather Basarab, cinematographer Joel Wanek, and composer Ben Juodvalkis, this piece incorporates multimedia installation of brain and living cells to represent the processes of brain dynamics. Performed by Yuko Monden, Kiplinn Sagmiller, Dwayne Scheuneman, and David James Silpa.
 Photo by Yu-Wei Wu      Journey   A journey from one city to the other. How to say goodbye and how to fit myself into a new place? How many things do I need to leave behind and how much do I need to adjust myself? It all comes together into a complicated emotion upon departure and arrival.     July 30-31, 2014, Resident Artist Workshop, The Garage, San Francisco   June 1, 2013, LEVYdance Salon, San Francisco (excerpt)
  Dream   2012 ICiT Dance Salon in RAFT_5, Tokyo
 Dancers Terumi Nakayama, Yasuo Asano, Miyuki Hirano. Photo by 周孫豪     Scenery en Route   2011  New Figure Dance Festival, Tokyo             Dancing Hour, Osaka